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Super Massive is a proud partner of the non-profit Conservation Music and their mission to enable grassroots action for a healthy planet by cultivating the use of music as an educational tool. By contributing donations from sales and promotional hangtags, amongst other joint efforts, Super Massive hopes to support Conservation Music's ultimate vision.

What Is Conservation Music?

Conservation Music is a grassroots non-profit organization that cultivates the use of music as an educational tool for a healthy planetThrough their work, they strive to create balance between humankindnatureand society through the production and distribution of educational contentmusical workshopslive eventsand classroom resources. Conservation Music's approach engages various members of the publicregardless of racestatusor level of educationgiving vulnerable populations and local musicians a platform to contribute content created for environmental change and awarenessWe go directly to the villageswhere we facilitate conversations between the artists and/or community members to identify local environmental issues and find an exciting and engaging method of expressing themWe then distribute content directly to partnersclassroomsand fellow artists.


Check out more of Conservation Music’s stories and videos on National Geographic’s 

OpenExplorer platform. If you would like to contribute to Expedition #K2K, please visit our Patreon page, where you can schedule monthly donations of any amount.

Why Music?

Who is more motivated by music than musicians themselves? It is the pursuit of innovation, creating something out of nothing melding human minds in ways that only we can. To a musician, a song is something to understand, not only for the message it relays and the feeling it evokes but for the ways which we can harness those powers and put them to action to reach other people. As we dance and tap our feet, we cant help but learn and calculate what we are hearing, or even what we are playing in a moment of improvisation. And now to be given a chance to change the world? When do we begin?!

Expedition #K2K

Tune in to learn more about Expedition #K2K, a 13-month sea-to-summit mobile studio caravan from Cape Town’s drying coast to Tanzania’s melting glacier, where they are forming eco-educational music collaborations and working with and documenting the existing efforts of local NGOs along the way.

About the Founder

Alex Paullin

of Conservation Music

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After years of soul-searching and months in the African wilderness with the National Geographic Okavango Wilderness Project, musician and geographer Alex Paullin combined his foremost passions and founded Conservation Music, a non-profit aiming to foster a global culture of sustainability using music as the messenger. Throughout his life he aims to expand the Conservation Music movement globally, in hopes that his lifetime will see and hear songs of conservation being sung throughout the world.